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Persuasive Speaking: CAT meeting 28 October, 2010

Theme: Persuasive Speaking

Toastmaster: David Xie, CC
Summitting Session: Susan Zhou, DTM
General Evaluator: Spike Gu, ACB, ALB
Table Topic Master: Andy Guo, ACB, ALB
Speaker 1: Minnie Li, CC, CL
Speaker 2: Carlo Wolff, ACS, ALB
Evaluator 1: Jenny Ni, CC, CL
Evaluator 2: Andy Guo, ACB, ALB

28 October from 7:10pm at our usual venue.

There will be 1 hour Peer Mentoring after the meeting.

Peer Mentoring is unique program we have designed in the CAT. The purpose is to go the last 20% in our development as speakers through watching ourselves on video and getting feedback on our speaking performance.

Club Contests: International, Table Topics and Mandarin Showcase

The CAT meeting as well as Speech Contest last night was really exciting experience. Members from iGrow, Fluor, Mandarin Dynamic, Ideal and Shanghai People Square also come to enjoy and learn from each other.

The winners and representatives to Area F61 speech contest on April 11 are:

  • International Speech Contest: Carlo Wolff (1st), Jenny Ni (2nd)
  • Table Topic Speech Contest: Carlo Wolff (1st), Joyce Hu (2nd)
  • Mandarin Showcase: Joyce Hu

International Speech Contest: Jenny Ni, Carlo Wolff

Table Topic Speech Contest: Jenny Ni, Carlo Wolff, Spike Gu, Minnie Li, Joyce Hu

Mandarin Showcase: Joyce Hu

Contest Chair: Susan Zhou

Chief Judge: Beate Richter

CAT meeting 25 February: Introductions

This Thursday night, 25 February, LDG(E&T) Yingdan Liu DTM will be leading a Summitting Session on Introductions. Also on the starring:

TME: Aky (Oemer Akyazici) CC

Timer: Minnie Li CC

Table Topics Master: Spike Gu ACB CL


Jenny Ni CC Fall in Love With Yourself
Manual: Humorously Speaking | Project: keep them laughing (A6)
Objective 1: Prepare a speech that opens with a self-deprecating joke;
Objective 2: String together two or three related jokes in the speech body;
Objective 3: Close the speech with a humorous story.

KC Loh CC The Secret
Manual: Speaking to Inform | Project: The Abstract Concept (A6)
Objective 1: Research and organize the thought of experts on an abstract concept, theory, historical force, or social/political issue;
Objective 2: Present the ideas in a clear and interesting manner.

Andrew Wang ACB Smoking Should Not Be Allowed in Any Restaurant
Manual: Persuasive Speaking | Project: Addressing the Opposition (A19)
Objective 1: Prepare a talk on a controversial subject that persuades an audience to accept or at least consider your viewpoint;
Objective 2: Construct the speech to appeal to the audience’s logic and emotions.

And we will enjoy a senior evaluations team led by President Carlo Wolff ACB ALB as General Evaluator, and supported by Joyce Hu CC CL, Bill Wang ACB and Yingdan Liu DTM.

Thursday night, 25 February, from 7pm.

Hope you can make it!